Spectrum of Digital Marketing

Ever since 3G/4G enabled devices increased and internet broadband speed exploded in performance, the trend of media following has shifted from TV to digital platforms. We don’t want to go into the numbers of internet users in Pakistan or abroad because the users are being added into broader spectrum each day. No doubt this paradigm shift from traditional TV to digital network has actually enabled organizations to connect with their target market with more focus and close to accurate speculated ROI’s.

Digital Marketing is cheaper than Traditional Marketing and more value is generated from less resources.

Media buying on traditional media is very expensive and out of reach of small and medium industry, whereas on digital platforms marketing is easy for all kinds of businesses and with very reasonable amount of money a business can slowly grow its following on social media.

Content marketing is key in digital marketing world, through blogs and relevant hashtags an advert or post on social media can be viral or become trendy. Because you have used keywords which are creating hype for your advert. Better the content better will be the response and engagement of people.

Best thing about digital marketing is that it could very easily be “Tracked”, for reach, engagement and sharing. This tracking helps set future marketing plans and it predicts consumer behavior. Whereas it’s very difficult to track the performance of an advert.

Plum Media Tank helps improve the quality of digital marketing performance through realistic ROI and better sales, because traditional marketing focuses on higher sales and not the details of reach to the consumer. In this regard digital marketing is the “Future” and “Now”.

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