Product Photography

Product Photography in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Sharjah (UAE)

Ever since advertisement has existed, businesses around the world know that it is an essential part of business development and even the organization’s evolution.

There are several types of photography subjects which individuals or companies try to excel in to serve the ever-growing industries. We at “Plum-Media Tank” focus on clients’ requirements. Be it landscape or fashion photography or as focused as product photography.

If we specifically talk about product photography in general, it includes a tiny object like a sophisticated diamond ring to as big as a building as a product or if we stay at medium scale, a vehicle as a photography subject. But product photography has never been as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot of internal aesthetic sense of art and design and an imaginary world of how to form a reality into pictorial form. Not in any ordinary way, but in a way that will be impactful and pleasing to look at.

Let’s say we have to take into account the photography of a food item, i.e. a Heinz ketchup. Now, this product has an array of representations on the table or in the picnic basket or even on the go with the traveler. The product photography of “Heinz Ketchup” will require a proper environment around it so that we could make the image of the product more meaningful and more relatable.

Sticking to the Heinz product photography, we will consider the color of the product, “Red”, and then we will establish a complete art direction around it (according to the occasion) so that the product’s image translates what is the purpose of the product and how important the environment around it really is. We at “Plum-Media Tank” are always there for your business elevation needs when it comes to branding and advertising of your products in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Sharjah, even across UAE.

Art direction is an inevitable part of product photography, you might think every product needs art direction. Yes, it does, if you ask us, a white background is an art direction work to enhance the product itself and to make the product more powerful for viewers.

Now if we talk about a bigger subject like a luxury vehicle, let’s say a “Porsche 911” supercar, this product needs more attention than any other product.

First of all, talking about the minimal image, the car can be photographed around “white background & surroundings”, but this will be one of the shots for the product. To be able to make the “Porsche 911” more relative, we will take the car to the most beautiful architecture i.e. villa, 5-star hotel’s arrival area for cars, beach with beautiful view and/or mountains with beautiful roads.

The best product photography for vehicles is when they are on the move or on the road (beautiful roads). But for Heinz ketchup the product’s use is shown alongside the snack it being used for and the product remains unopened to showcase the so-called complete product, or when it is new and not used.

Jewelry and fashion products are best showcased when the model is wearing them. It shows how dynamic the product looks when it is dressed up. Even though without the model the product photography also serves the purpose but that is to show closely how the product looks in detail.

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